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It Comes Down to Balance

Sometimes, our different approach to treatment here at PsychPhys®️ leaves people with a lot of questions.   If you’ve found yourself asking things like; How do your programs work? Why do you operate the way that you do? Do not fear!…

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Engaging in the Unfamiliar

Perception is Key. Engaging in activities that are perceived as unfamiliar is a natural part of life, but this doesn’t make it any less difficult of a task to overcome or get used to. For individuals of any age, the prospect…

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Importance of Stretching

We are currently all doing our part individually to protect the Australian healthcare system from the COVID-19 pandemic by staying home. Whether it be working from home or taking school or University classes from home, you may realise that now more…

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The PsychPhys® Way

The PsychPhys® program was founded to be different from the rest and to bridge the gap that existed between psychology and exercise related supports, with one goal in mind: To improve the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, and/or…

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Client Story: Lachlan

“Congratulations to Lachlan on his Football Presentation.” Lachlan commenced with PsychPhys® in March of this year, and since then has continued to flourish. Entering a new environment can be a difficult thing for anyone to experience as delving into the unknown…

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Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is a key component of what Exercise Physiologists (EP) try to help with on a daily basis. As an EP, I recently attended a workshop that was composed of learning injury prevention techniques that involve a human’s primal movements…

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